QuickBooks Error 6143: Solutions to Effectively Resolve

  A flawed company file evokes different technical errors like QuickBooks Error 6143 in the QB application, and these errors are categorized under a specially-named error series called as 6000 error series.

Eminent experts have identified some symptoms of this error, like sudden closing of the QB Desktop, slow response of the Windows operating system, and intermittent freezing of various other applications.

Various solutions have been listed in this blog for the swift elimination of this technical glitch.

If you need immediate guidance from a competent and skilled professional for rectifying QuickBooks Error 6143, just dial +1 800-579-9430 to contact our QB Experts Team.

6143 Error Message in QB Desktop: Prime Reasons

The 6143 Error Message in QB Desktop occurs due to these factors:

·       The improper name of the company file and flaws in the configuration files likely trigger QB Error 6143.

·       Obstructions due to improper antivirus application settings and damaged folder of the data file can also provoke this error very swiftly on the user’s computer.

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How Can the 6143 Company File Error Code in QuickBooks Be Resolved Efficiently?

The 6143 Company File Error Code in QuickBooks can be easily removed by following these solutions:

Solution 1: Fetch the company file to Windows Desktop and then ensure efficient access to it through the QB application 

  1. Firstly, you should hop to your company file folder to right-click on your company file, and then you need to tap the ‘Copy’ option in order to create a copy of the company file, and thereafter, you must move back to the Desktop on your computer.
  2.  To ensure that the copied company file is successfully pasted on the Windows Desktop, you need to hit the ‘Paste’ option soon after right-clicking on the Desktop’s screen.
  3. You can launch the ‘No Company Open’ window now by tapping and holding down the ‘Ctrl’ key at the time of opening the QB application, and after that, you can utilize the ‘Open or restore an existing company’ tab present in the same window to access the pasted company file on your Desktop.

Solution 2: Turn off all the executing QB processes using the Task Manager to access the company file

  1. Once you log into Windows with admin rights on your system, you can hit the ‘Ctrl+Alt+Delete’ keys simultaneously on the keyboard to bring up the Windows Task Manager, and after that, you can jump to the ‘Processes’ tab located in the same window.
  2. You can now locate and select all the relevant QB Program Processes from the on-screen list,and then you just have to strike on the ‘End Task’ button in order to terminate these QB processes on your computer.
  3. All the QB Program Processes will now be closed, and you can now move out of the Task Manager window to launch the QB Desktop, and thereafter, you can easily access the company file without encountering this error.

These solutions are most suitable for the rapid elimination of the QuickBooks Error 6143, and each step of these solutions should be carefully implemented. For more technical support, just dial +1 800-579-9430 to contact our QB Technical Support Team.

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